Wednesday, June 3

kan aku dah nasihat.

degil sangat.
kan dah kena.
aku dah cakap shisha lagi teruk dari rokok.
nanti banyak-banyak lah makan paru.
ok, habis sampai situ.
lepas ni shabab pula.
cakap nak stop.
tapi hisap juga racun-racun tu.
baik kau jilat jalan tar di highway PLUS saja.
atau telan mentol kaca bikinan Thomas Edison.
atau teguk segelen Ajax Fabuloso.
atau hitamkan paru-paru kau guna Nippon Paint.
atau kau kongsi saja ubat gegat dengan lipas-lipas di rumah kau itu.
bak kata-kata orang budiman (wiseman), sharing is caring.
amek kau!

p/s: kawan aku, Mat Ming cerita kat aku kalau hisap racun tar tu, perempuan suka cemolot. tak mahu lepas sembangnya. betul ke?



a session of smoking hookah is compared to a cigarette, in fact the water used in the hookah makes the tobacco less toxic, and we dont smoke on regular basis of minutes of cigarettes. and a pleasure truth is that, the flavour filled contains 0% tar(some).

how can you say about a chain hookah smoker whom get healthy by day?

it just people blow the situation\condition of a hype for hookah.

yes, im over it.

waafee said...

menghisap shisha selama 2 jam sama lah dengan menghisap 150 batang rokok. (true fact ok, tak percaya sila lah google).

oh2, lagi satu, asap shisha ni juga mengandungi lebih banyak quantity toxic metals spt arsenic, nickel, cobalt, chromium, lead, dan cadmium, berbanding dengan asap rokok. u said less toxic in tobacco, ha tp belambak lagi toxic lain ni.

amek kau. :D

Elly Elinna said...

aku selalu ikut famie dan beberapa rakan g shisya.
aku pembau asap bukan pengisap.
macam mana tu en. wafi?


arsenic?nickel?cobalt? to name a feew. how it can affect your organs if those toxic materials never cross em(if any)? we accumulating the smoke nor puff into lung.

oh, how do people hookah?

how about gargling a bleach? does it make our lungs white? sterilizing? sanitizing?

i say nay to fag.

waafee said...

aku ketemu artikel ni. orang UK boleh baca rasanya. aku tak faham sangat (oh aku memang jahil bahasa). orang UK hebat kan. mesti faham. kot lah.

Hookah Causes Way More Than Cancer!
June 1, 2007

Hookah (a.k.a. sheesha, waterpipe, nargila, argeela) has become very popular amongst college students nowadays. Nevertheless, very little of the harms are known to its users. It is often quite misunderstood as being harmless and not-addicting. However, scientific research has proven otherwise as it is clearly established that hookah causes cancer and is, in fact, more harmful to one’s health than cigarettes. Just this week, the WHO (World Health Organization) published a seven-page report claiming that hookah is just as hazardous to one’s health if not more hazardous than smoking cigarettes.

Hookah, in fact, actually does contain nicotine and one sitting of hookah is more hazardous to one’s cardiovascular system than cigarettes. Cardiovascular disease is a serious threat to hookah smokers. The carbon monoxide (CO) intake is also at a dangerous level when smoking hookah as it holds negative effects for those even exposed to second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke of hookah contains nicotine (which has shown to show addiction even through second-hand smoke), TAR, and even worse, heavy metals such as cobalt, arsenic, and lead! These metals destroy a person’s body! These findings were published in a scientific journal that was peer-reviewed and can be found on PubMed!

Hookah has shown to cause serious diseases. Accepted scientific studies show that hookah causes an increase in the frequency of chromosomal abberations and sister chromatids. This implies that the chance of our children having mutations is increased many-fold. This is true for the man as well as the woman since a child receives twenty-three chromosomes from each parent. Therefore, this one fact alone should scare us from even being exposed to second-hand smoke of hookah and risking the health of our children!

In rats, hookah has shown an increase in hyperkeratosis and degeneration. Moreover, a study in the Journal of Periodontology found that gum disease is five times more likely to occur with hookah smokers. Other scientifically accepted journals have shown than hookah is linked with atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, decreased pulmonary function, various other cardiovascular diseases, TUBERCULOSIS, eczema, aspergillosis (through contamination), and postextraction alveolitis (of the teeth).

On top of all the above, hookah also causes cancer! In a recent study, eighty-eight percent of those people with cancer in India were at one-time hookah smokers. The risk for lung cancer is significantly increased with hookah. A study in Pediatrics concluded that hookah is at-least the same, if not worse for one’s health, cancer-wise, than cigarettes. Professor Thomas Eissenberg of Virginia Commonwealth University concluded through his studies on hookah that “every risk of cigarette smoking is also associated with water pipes (hookah).”

Therefore, let us stay away from hookah. There are no benefits from it whatsoever. Let us stay away from it for the sake of our children and our health. May Allah (SWT) guide us all. Ameen.

p/s: oh aku ada terbaca juga akhbar MELAYU yang direncanakan dalam bahasa MELAYU tentang shisha. 'SHISHA LEBIH BERBAHAYA DARI ROKOK'. itu headline nya kalau aku tak silap.


cigarette originated in us(afaik),
yet hookah in middle east and of course they are arabs.

thesse are the pertinent ideas why researchers stand up speaking the facts of hookah and to diminish.
yes, because they are bias or i, am fucken pessimist.

if Mayan Stela J coined the hookah, obama will have one on his private jet in the way to iraq. and maybe two for his right. and says, kebab contains unhealthy proper cut meat!

top researchers of hookah are american, deutsch and little french. not to surprise, us grows hookah lounge of 200 a year. speaking of the great shoot up, the earning must not be over the alcohol's and cigarette's(alcohol give immediate effect). whys that? arabs dont have any due into it and simply because harun al-rashid didnt instruct mayan how to serve a hookah decades ago.

how can they put a rat into a test? how small respiratory system of a rat has to such puff? unless theyve a mini cigarette which equivalent to the tiny rodent's.

hyperkeratosis? smoking froggy will be endanger.


waafee said...

if? oh itu fakta lah.

akalan bagus. pak arabs pun sama bias lah?

tak mahu cakap pasal halal haram?

kencing iblis. shhhhhhh.

syafique said...

gelabah btol kau izzua semenjak dok uk nie.. xpandai bahasa melayu da ker?? haha


pak arab bias? (maybe my 22" samsung helps my writing\reading)


kencing iblis? yess, pssssssssS.

@shabab : reti, knp?


syafique said...

sajek tye.. igt an xpandai dah.. haha

dari mana mereka datang?